Faculty of Arts
Department Faculty Name Designation Contact No. Email-ID
Ancient History Dr. (Mrs.) Nasreen Begum Associate Professor 9336046280 dr.nasreenbegum@gmail.com
Arabic Dr. (Mrs.) Nudrat Mahmood Associate Professor 9919020040 nudratmahmood22@gmail.com
Dr.(Ms.) Siddiqa Jabir Assistant Professor 8171321832 siddiqajabir@gmail.com
Economics Dr. (Mrs.) Bilqees Farooq Associate Professor 9918474044
Dr. (Mrs.) Gulshan Akhtar Assistant Professor 9084534180 akhtar.gulshan@gmail.com
Education Dr. (Mrs.) Shama Rani Associate Professor 9839426550 shamarani14nov@gmail.com
Mrs. Hena Farheen Assistant Professor 9651784271 hena25may@gmail.com
English Mrs. Neerja Verma Associate Professor 9839457722 neerjaverma10@yahoo.com
Dr. (Mrs.) Sabiha Azmi Associate Professor 9453026110 sabihaazmi@ymail.com
Dr. (Ms.) Asma Siddiqui Faculty Self-financed 8181932458 asmansiddiqui@gmail.com
Geography Dr. (Mrs.) Amna Farooqui Associate Professor 9415306308 amnafarooqui.0310@gmail.com
Dr.(Ms.) Shabnam Ara Assistant Professor 9990068340 shabnam.aaraish@gmail.com
Hindi Dr. (Mrs.) Haseena Bano Associate Professor 9336135328 haseena1jan@gmail.com
Dr. (Mrs.) Rehana Siddiqui Associate Professor 9335103502
Medieval History Dr. (Ms.) Nuzhat Fatima Assistant Professor 8808859824 nuzhatfatima@gmail.com
Ms. Tabassum Nigar Faculty Self-financed 7678261333 tnigar36@gmail.com
Ms. Sadia Shahanaz Faculty Self-financed 8543901568 sadirashahnaz@gmail.com
Painting Dr. (Mrs.) Shahla Hasan Assistant Professor 9335142445
Persian Dr. (Mrs.) Shabana Aziz Associate Professor 9415890393 shabanaaziz641@gmail.com
Sociology Dr. (Mrs.) Erum Farid Usmani Associate Professor 9415548445 erumfusmani@yahoo.com
Dr. (Ms.) Sharmeen Fatima Assistant Professor 9307969649 sharmeenfatima0786@gmail.com
Ms. Shweta Sinha Faculty Self-financed
Urdu Mrs. Naseha Usmani Associate Professor 9559258741 naseha29@gmail.com
Mrs. Zareena Begum Associate Professor 9621953328 zainabahmada2786@gmail.com
Dr. (Ms.) Farha Hashim Faculty Self-financed 9450509500 farahhashim73@yahoo.in
Dr. (Ms.) Kainat Fatima Faculty Self-financed 7668452221
CAS Ms. Tazeen Fatima Visiting Faculty on Lecture basis 9005389091 tazeen13@gmail.com
OMSP Ms. Rehana Begum Visiting Faculty on Lecture basis 9794206380 rehana.begum0301@gmail.com

Faculty of B.Voc.
Department Faculty Name Designation Contact No. Email-ID
Fashion Design & Embroidery Ms. Shakila Khan Guest Faculty 9506596771 pathan.shakila@gmail.com
Ms. Rinku Sharma Guest Faculty 8418923357 dhruv6213@gmail.com
Journalism & Mass Communication Ms. Sana Absar Assistant Professor on contractual basis 9997297644 sana.raja.absar1@gmail.com

Faculty of Commerce
Faculty Name Designation Contact No. Email-ID
Dr. (Mrs.) Amita Agrawal Lecturer 9335045877
Mrs. Shahnaz Fatima Kazmi Lecturer 9005224690 kazmi.shahnaz@rediffmail.com
Ms. Farheen Siddiqui Visiting Faculty on Lecture basis 9455295669 farheensiddiqui711@gmail.com

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